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Eskenazi Health is staffed by providers from different practice plans. Many are part of Eskenazi Medical Group (EMG), a non-profit provider 501(c) (3) entity solely aligned with Eskenazi Health. 

EMG providers deliver services within a 333-bed hospital and more than 30 primary and mental health care sites that serve patients in the Indianapolis area and surrounding communities with a special emphasis on the vulnerable population of Marion County. While they predominately staff the primary care sites, EMG providers also have a presence in the disciplines of specialty care and emergency medicine, and as hospitalists. Specialty care includes the areas of burn care, neonatal care, plastic surgery, surgery/trauma, OB/GYN and palliative care. 

As the sixth largest medical group in Indiana, EMG employs approximately 190 full-time equivalents, including 74 advanced practice providers and 103 physicians. It is also one of the most diverse medical groups in the country, employing three to four times the national average of Latino providers and two-and-a-half times the national average of African American providers.

EMG partners with Indiana University School of Medicine through a faculty practice plan. This benefit offers providers enough flexibility to incorporate varying degrees of teaching and research interests into their clinical practice. 

All providers at Eskenazi Health are focused on the mission to advocate, care, teach and serve (ACTS), and are dedicated to the values of professionalism, respect, innovation, development, and excellence (PRIDE).

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