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The Eskenazi Health Center Board of Directors governs the network of federally qualified health centers serving the primary care needs of Marion County.

Board of Directors

  • Howard Stevenson - Member Photo
    Howard Stevenson
  • Whitney Ball Member Photo
    Whitney Ball
    Vice Chair
  • Darius Sawyers Member Photo
    Darius Sawyers
  • Lauren Rodriguez Board Member Photo
    Sandra Bailey
  • Kiamesha-Sylvia Colom - Member Photo
    Kiamesha-Sylvia Colom
  • Heydi Correa Encarnacion - Member Photo
    Heydi Correa Encarnacion
  • Michael Davis Member Photo
    Michael Davis, DDS
  • Philip Morphew Member Photo
    Philip Morphew
  • Chris Paulsen EHC Board Photo
    Chris Paulsen
  • Lauren Rodriguez Member Photo
    Lauren Rodriguez
  • Mildred Williams_207x221
    Mildred Williams
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