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The Marianne Tobias Music Program lifts the spirits of patients, staff and visitors through weekly live music performances. Through the gift of an endowment and donation of a concert grand piano, the Marianne Tobias Music Program at Eskenazi Health is dedicated to providing high-quality performance music to patients, staff and visitors. Marianne Tobias, Ph.D., a resident musicologist, accomplished pianist, lecturer and program annotator for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, helped Eskenazi Health launch the namesake program in 2013.

The piano, located in the Eli Lilly and Company Foundation Concourse on the Eskenazi Health downtown campus, is accessible to the public 24 hours a day and has been played by world-class musicians and amateur music lovers alike. Performances are free, open to the public and live-streamed to patient rooms in the Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital. Patients, staff and visitors to Eskenazi Health’s downtown campus enjoy more than 100 live music concerts annually.

Past performances have featured: renowned soprano Angela Brown, Latin jazz ensemble Pavel & Direct Contact, Middle Eastern music ensemble Salaam, string trio Time for Three, the American Pianist Association finalists, and members of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

For more information about the Marianne Tobias Music Program, please call 317.880.4801 or fill out the Contact Us form linked below. In addition to this performance-based music program, Eskenazi Health offers music therapy with a board-certified music therapist. Click here to learn more about the Eskenazi Health Music Therapy program. 

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