Innovation is one of the core values of Eskenazi Health because innovation leads to better care and better outcomes at a lower cost for the patients and community we serve. Eskenazi Health has a long history of research collaboration with local and national academic and industry partners. The Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital and the many neighborhood-based health centers throughout Marion County were configured to host clinical research, hosting hundreds of research studies each year. Eskenazi Health continually works to identify how emerging scientific understanding can be applied to patient care while safely investigating new and different approaches to preventing, diagnosing and treating illness and disease through research and clinical trials.

Each Eskenazi Health site provides unique opportunities and challenges for the conduct of clinical research. The Eskenazi Health Research Department facilitates clinical research across the health system and also collaborates with local, state and federal authorities to uphold the high standards of safety and privacy for human subjects research.

Eskenazi Health is an academic affiliate of the Indiana University (IU) School of Medicine and an integral part of the Indiana University and Purdue University Indianapolis campuses. It serves as one of IU’s primary teaching sites and hosts a wide variety of trainees. Eskenazi Health and the IU School of Medicine’s strategic partnership combines clinical resources and research expertise to tackle tough problems. These problems range from understanding the root causes of medical conditions to developing interventions and therapies. Collaborating researchers also explore innovative models of care, with a special emphasis on the vulnerable populations of Marion County.

Prior to embarking on a research project at Eskenazi Health, please visit the research department webpage for more information.  

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