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Eskenazi Health recognizes the hazards caused by exposure to environmental tobacco use and is committed to creating a healthy environment for our employees, patients and visitors. Because we value our employees and patients and want to model healthy lifestyle choices for our community, all Eskenazi Health locations are tobacco free. This includes cigarettes, cigars, and all smokeless tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, hookah pens, vape pipes, e-cigs, or any type of electronic cigarette or similar device. "Vaping" or "e-smoking" is considered the use of a tobacco product. 

Eskenazi Health Main Campus

For over 160 years, Eskenazi Health has provided Indianapolis-area residents with the highest-quality health care.

Eskenazi Health Sites

Eskenazi Health offers Indianapolis-area residents the highest-quality health care at multiple locations around the city.

Primary Care Sites

Eskenazi Health Center facilities are federally qualified health center sites. Conveniently located throughout the neighborhoods of Indianapolis, they offer a sliding fee discount program based on household size and income. These locations may also offer same-day appointments for individuals experiencing an illness or injury that requires prompt attention but is not severe enough to visit the emergency department. Please call Eskenazi Health Connections at 317.880.7666, Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Sandra Eskenazi Mental Health Center

Indiana's first community mental health centers provide comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services for all types of emotional and behavioral problems. A sliding fee discount program based on household size and income is available for outpatient services. Please call 317.880.8491 for more information or to make an appointment.

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