Located on the sixth floor of the Sandra Eskenazi Outpatient Care Center, Eskenazi Health Senior Care provides an interdisciplinary team approach to help older adults and their families attain and maintain health and independence. Eskenazi Health Senior Care physicians are IU School of Medicine faculty members who are part of the Indiana University Geriatric Medicine Program, which has been recognized by the John A. Hartford Foundation as one of 24 Centers of Excellence.

  • Eskenazi Health Center for Senior Health

    No two patients age alike, and, at Eskenazi Health, understanding a patient’s health means understanding his or her unique care situation. Eskenazi Health Center for Senior Health helps older adults and their families cope with the medical, social and emotional changes that often come with aging such as functional decline, polypharmacy (the use of multiple medications), memory complaints, difficulty with basic daily activities and depression.

    The Center for Senior Health offers primary care in an outpatient setting for frail seniors 65 years of age and older who have multiple geriatric syndromes such as dementia, depression, falls or functional decline. Those that qualify can establish a geriatrician as their primary care doctor. Senior Care’s program navigator will initiate an assessment to determine the best options for care. To contact the program navigator, please call 317.880.6570.

    Geriatrics Consultation is also available for those who want to keep their primary care physician but would like a complete health evaluation and physical examination conducted by an expert  team of geriatricians, nurses and social workers. They will develop a plan of care with the patient’s specific needs in mind. Recommendations are reviewed with the patient and his or her family, and a copy of the plan is then given to the primary care physician. The Eskenazi Health Center for Senior Health team works alongside the patient’s primary care physician to help manage any other issues that may arise.

    Eskenazi Health Senior Care also offers a complete continuum of specialty consultation services for those 65 and older in our outpatient setting, including such specialties as geriatric psychiatry, mental health counseling, neurology, stroke, podiatry, rehabilitation medicine, rheumatology, palliative care, neuropsychological testing and hospitalization assistance.

  • Eskenazi Health Aging Brain Care

    The Eskenazi Health Aging Brain Care program builds on the success of programs targeting Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. It focuses on treatments and strategies that help patients and caregivers enjoy an improved quality of life.

    Established in 2008, this center combines research and clinical care, resulting in the rapid translation of research discoveries into clinical practice. Working closely with the patient’s primary care provider, the multidisciplinary care team – consisting of physicians, nurses, psychologists, care coordinator assistants and social workers – develops a personal treatment plan for each patient that includes medications as well as non-drug treatments to improve the quality of life for patients and caregivers.

    For more information on this program, click here.

  • Eskenazi Health Acute Care for Elders (ACE)

    The Eskenazi Health ACE Consult Service meets the special needs of hospitalized older adults with the goal of helping them maintain strength while recovering from illnesses in order to return home and resume their usual activities. The team of health care professionals includes an IU School of Medicine physician, pharmacist, nurse, social worker, dietitian and therapist who work together to care for older adults during their hospitalization. Members of the team have received extra training in assisting older adults with personal care and maintaining an active lifestyle.

  • Eskenazi Health Extended Care

    Eskenazi Health Center Extended Care provides rehabilitation services or long-term care in a nursing home to patients overseen by a team of physicians and nurse practitioners. This allows for continuity of services between a patient’s physicians and Eskenazi Health Senior Care. The hospital case managers have a list of these facilities and Eskenazi Health providers.

  • Eskenazi Health House Calls for Seniors

    Eskenazi Health House Calls for Seniors provides team-based primary care for those 65 and older who live in Marion County and are unable to leave their homes without extra assistance due to physical or psychosocial limitations. The program accepts patients through referrals from physicians or agencies, or from families and other patients. Once patients are referred, they are screened and, if they meet the necessary criteria, they will be cared for by a team of experts, including a geriatrician, nurse practitioner, nurse and social worker as their primary care providers and the Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital as their primary hospital.  This team will provide comprehensive care and care management services in the home.

    For more information on Eskenazi Health Center House Calls for Seniors, please call 317.880.6636.

  • Eskenazi Health Geriatric Resource and Care for Elders (GRACE)

    For those 65 and older with complex health needs who use primary care at any of the Eskenazi Health Centers, our GRACE team works in collaboration with the established primary care physician to ensure comprehensive care for patients.  A care team composed of a nurse practitioner and social worker performs an in-home assessment of each patient. The care team then develops a custom care plan with input from a larger team that includes a geriatrician, pharmacist, mental health worker and community resource expert. Working closely with the patient and the primary care physician, the care team provides ongoing care coordination. If the patient is admitted to the hospital, the care team provides transitional care and integrates new treatment needs or medications into the care plan.

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Eskenazi Health also provides in-home primary care for those ages 65 and older who live in Marion County and are unable to leave their homes without extra assistance due to physical or psychosocial limitations.

For more information or to find out if you qualify for one of the above programs, please contact Eskenazi Health Senior Care at 317.880.6560 or submit the form below. When calling, new patients should choose option six and established patients should choose option three.

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