EpicCare Link Request Form

Eskenazi Health provides our partner organizations real-time access to our patient records for continuity of care through a secured web-based application called EpicCare Link.

EpicCare Link allows clinicians and their staff the ability to:

  • View patient records, including but not limited to, upcoming appointments, visit notes, medications, test results and scanned documents. Some limits to confidential information may apply.

  • If credentialed, place imaging and referral orders for completion at Eskenazi Health electronically.

  • Receive notifications when events for shared patients occur at an Eskenazi Health facility.

  • Send and receive secure messages to and from Eskenazi Health providers and staff.

If your organization is interested in access, fill out the form below and an Eskenazi Health team member will reach out. Please be prepared to provide details regarding your organization’s connection to Eskenazi Health patients.

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