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While a patient at Eskenazi Health, you may be asked to participate in a research study.

Participating in research is voluntary, so before the research begins, you will be asked to agree to participate. This process of seeking your agreement is called “informed consent.” During the informed consent process, researchers educate potential research participants about the research project and ask whether they want to participate. 

Informed consent can be a very simple process, such as reading a paragraph of information before taking a survey. It may also be more involved, depending on the research. For example, medical research projects often involve a face-to-face conversation with the research team before you agree to participate.

Here are some questions to ask before you agree to participate in a research project:

  • The purpose of the research
  • What the research activities will entail for you 
  • Whether or not you will benefit from participating in the research
  • Whether the research might expose you to risk
  • How long the study will last
  • What the researcher will do with your information 

You are never required to participate in research. Declining or withdrawing from research will never affect your relationship with your care provider. If you have questions about your right as a research participant, there is more information available at the IU Research website.

If you are interested in participating in research opportunities, please speak with your health care provider about studies for which you may be eligible.

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