Research Department

The Eskenazi Health Research Department provides leadership, direction and management of organization-wide research administration, infrastructure and services. Its mission is to provide high-quality service to investigators, foster new research incentives, and engage in research discovery and sharing of knowledge, with a responsibility to ensure that such knowledge is used to better the human condition.

The office is committed to supporting inclusion, diversity and equity in the research community. This mission is carried out by embracing the overall mission of Eskenazi Health to advocate, care, teach and serve with special emphasis on the vulnerable population of Marion County.

  • Advocate – The Eskenazi Health research team supports all aspects of research through engagement of physicians and staff, access to patients for recruitment, and provision of high-quality research data.
  • Care – The care for our patients who choose to participate in research is promoted by responsible research practices in alignment with ethical principles and regulatory compliance.
  • Teach – To foster a high level of research expertise, an environment of continued learning is encouraged. The goal is to provide researchers the resources and knowledge they need to conduct successful research.
  • Serve – Researchers are offered high-caliber, problem-solving support to help them achieve their scholarly and research objectives. Work is done with both internal and external research stakeholders to facilitate research within our organization.

The Research Department works in conjunction with multiple Eskenazi Health departments to ensure that all research activity is conducted in accordance with applicable institutional policies, laws, regulations and guidelines. The department also partners with the Indiana University Office of Clinical Research and Indiana University Institutional Review Board (IRB), which is Eskenazi Health’s IRB of record.

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