Research Approval

All research conducted at any Eskenazi Health site, involving Eskenazi Health patients or staff, or using Eskenazi Health data must be approved by the Eskenazi Health Research Office. Researchers must also obtain Eskenazi Health Research Office approval to contact patients/subjects (patients or staff) in person or by phone, mail, email, text or any other form of communication.

To submit a research project for Eskenazi Health Research Office review and approval, please submit an application to their website.

An official Eskenazi Health Research Office approval letter will be sent to the principal investigator via email once a study is approved. No research can start at Eskenazi Health until this approval letter has been received.

Note: Research conducted at Eskenazi Health must be reviewed by the Indiana University (IU) Institutional Review Board (IRB). You must have an IU IRB determination letter prior to completing the Eskenazi Health Research Approval Application. For questions related to IU IRB submission and approval, please contact the Human Subjects Office (IU IRB) by phone at 317.274.8289 or visit its website.

Clinical Area Approval

Prior to conducting a research study in any Eskenazi Health clinical area, the study will need to be approved by the clinical area leadership. To obtain this permission, a written, one-page, executive summary including the following information will need to be submitted to the area leadership for approval. The research study cannot commence until the study is approved by both the Eskenazi Health Research Office and the clinical area leadership.

  • IU IRB number
  • Study title
  • Principal investigator name
  • Research team's contact information and the team's relationship with the clinical area
  • Purpose or specific aim(s) of the study
  • Sample size and target population
  • Use of space or other resources, including duration of use, use of clinical staff, need for changes to electronic health record, etc.
  • How the project will affect the flow of patient care
  • Other impacts on clinical care, education or research
  • How the overall study results and contribution acknowledgements will be communicated back to the clinical area
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