Grants and Funding

Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County (HHC) is the parent organization of Eskenazi Health (which includes Eskenazi Health Center and Sandra Eskenazi Mental Health Center), Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services and Marion County Public Health Department.

The HHC Grants Department is responsible for coordinating the development of all private foundation and federal, state and local government agency grant proposals and grant awards within HHC. For more information, please visit the HHC Grants webpage

HHC Grants Office at Eskenazi Health

The HHC Grants Department has an office located at the Fifth Third Bank Building at Eskenazi Health. This office manages all post-award grant-related services provided to Eskenazi Health.

The HHC Grants Office is committed to supporting research and scholarly activities by monitoring the financial administration of Eskenazi Health research-related grants. It manages research grant funds and ensures proper documentation is maintained in accordance with federal, state and institutional requirements.

The HHC Grants Office is available to assist research personnel throughout the life of the grant from pre-award through grant close-out.


  • Collaborate with program staff to develop proposals.
  • Provide pre-award budget preparation cost figures for the use of Eskenazi Health clinical or non-clinical staff effort to be used to carry out any aspect of a research project. 

Post Award

  • Negotiate and execute terms of the grant contract or sub-contract.
  • Create Eskenazi Health cost center account to track grant funds and separate budget line items.
  • Work with the Eskenazi Health Finance to invoice grants and sub-awards.

For more information related to research grants at Eskenazi Health or to request the use of Eskenazi Health clinical or non-clinical staff for a research project, please contact the Eskenazi Health Grants team at 317.880.4184.

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