Wishard Health Services is seeking qualifications from artists interested in creating public art for The New Wishard, currently under construction on Indianapolis’s Westside between 10th Street and Michigan Street, just west of the current Wishard campus.

The philanthropic community has shown tremendous support for this program and will fund it entirely. We anticipate equally strong interest from the most talented craftspeople and artisans in the arts community to participate in creating this work for The New Wishard, a new hospital for all of Indianapolis,” said Matthew Gutwein, President and CEO of Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County.

Artwork at The New Wishard will support and promote the healing mission of the 150-year-old public health care organization, and will complement the world-class design of its landmark new facility.  Sites for art include building interiors, exteriors and the 37-acre landscaped campus.

Nearly 100 years ago, Wishard brought in local artists including T.C. Steele to create a healing environment for our patients. Medical care has progressed dramatically since then, and Wishard’s commitment to treating the whole person continues,” said Dr. Lisa Harris, CEO and Medical Director of Wishard Health Services.

Deadline for submissions is August 16.  Applicants must submit six examples of past work in digital format with an image description sheet, resume, references and a professional statement.

The selection process is competitive.  A panel of independent visual arts professionals will evaluate applicants on their artistic quality, professional experience and projected ability to produce artwork appropriate for Wishard’s patient base and community context.  The panel will select finalists from the applicant group to develop proposals for artworks.

The selection process is operated through Call for Entry (CaFE), a free, online digital image management and application service for artists.  To set up a CaFE account and submit qualifications, visit http://www.callforentry.org.

For more information on the selection process and to obtain the complete RFQ document, visit http://www.thenewwishard.org or e-mail Julia Moore, public art administrator, at jmoore@blackburnarchitects.org . The mission of Wishard Health Services is to Advocate, Care, Teach and Serve with an emphasis on the vulnerable populations of Marion County.

The project to construct a new Wishard will create 4,400 jobs and will transform the landscape of health care in Indianapolis.

Marion County voters approved construction of a new Wishard in the Nov. 3 election, with 85 percent support for the measure, and Wishard began work immediately. Wishard plans to complete the new facility at the end 2013.

To learn more about the construction project, visit www.TheNewWishard.org. For more information about Wishard Health Services, visit www.Wishard.edu.

Contact:  Michelle O'Keefe
Phone:  (317) 630-6863
Pager:  (317) 310-5972

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