Benefits of using the Eskenazi Health Pharmacy Services

Eskenazi Health offers high -quality health care services to a diverse patient population. Patients have different needs, touching many different areas of our system-primary care, mental health, specialty care, etc.  One department, which serves the entire health system is the Eskenazi Health Pharmacy department. With locations placed throughout the city, and conveniently placed within almost all of Eskenazi Health’s primary care locations, these pharmacies are able to offer several benefits over other retail pharmacies.

One benefit of using an Eskenazi Health pharmacy is the efficiency that comes with having prescriptions filled within the same organization that prescribed the medication. This efficiency stems from both the pharmacy and provider using the same electronic health record platform.  So the pharmacy team is able to quickly recognize potential issues involving authorization, insurance coverage and medication costs and work toward rectifying the issue. Additionally this can also lower the average wait time for prescription fulfillment. On average, an Eskenazi Health patient only has to wait 17 minutes for their prescription to be filled.

Another added benefit of utilizing the pharmacies located within Eskenazi Health is the reduced cost that comes with each prescription. Since Eskenazi Health is a participant of the 340B program, many prescriptions are available to patients at lower costs than what a patient would pay if they used a traditional retail chain pharmacy. These price differentials could lead to savings ranging from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars. Often, the cash price of some medications is less than many standard tiered copays.

These benefits go deeper than faster services and reduced medication costs. Perhaps the best benefit of using an Eskenazi Health Pharmacy is that you’re assisting other inpatients receiving the care they need. All revenue and profit from the pharmacies are reinvested into other Eskenazi Health services and programs. This includes the Health Advantage program which helps patients fill their prescriptions.

Eskenazi Health pharmacies offer more than prescription fulfillment. At each pharmacy, patients can discard unwanted medications and receive needed vaccinations such as those for chicken pox, shingles, measles, mumps and rubella, and Hepatitis A and/or B without an appointment.

You can find out more about the services offered at Eskenazi Health pharmacies by visiting For information on specific medical costs, vaccine availability or any of the other benefits of utilizing Eskenazi Health pharmacies, please speak with a pharmacist at the Eskenazi Health Pharmacy location of your choosing.

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