Healthy Me Testimonial: Gloria Vasquez

“I am stay-at-home mom, and while cooking, cleaning and caring for my family for years, I forgot about myself. One day I went to the ER with chest pains and anxiety. I was later diagnosed with depression. 

“My doctor recommended that I start making some changes in my life, including weight loss. I was 319 lbs. She referred me to Healthy Me and I met my coach, Liz. Meeting with her was a great experience since she listened to me, she believed in me and helped me set some small goals to start losing weight. 

“I am now using measuring cups to avoid over eating, I am mindful of my portions, decreasing sweet bread, sodas and much more. Also, I walk every day now, either by going to the park with my friend who is supporting me or walking at home on my treadmill.   

“The anxiety has left me. I feel motivated to continue in losing more weight. So far I am at 231 lbs. I have lost 7.5 inches from my waist and my blood pressure is normal now. Having someone who believes in me is what I needed!  Love the program and the support from my coach.”  

Gloria Vasquez, Health Me member, Eskenazi Health Center Westside

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