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Eskenazi Health Surgery utilizes robot technology in a variety of surgical procedures. Use of this cutting-edge technology provides alternatives to traditional surgery and delivers precision in minimally invasive procedures.

Surgeries utilizing robotic technologies are performed at the Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital. The surgery area is located on the third floor and has a total of 17 operating room suites.

  • da Vinci Surgical System

    The da Vinci Surgical System is used to offer a more precise and less invasive way to perform surgeries that would otherwise have to be done laparoscopically (open). It offers the surgeon a 4D view of the patient’s anatomy, which allows surgeons to easily teach residents or staff in the operating room. The ports are smaller than other ports used for laparoscopic surgery, and they are less traumatic to the skin. This allows a shorter surgical time and a faster recovery.
  • Mazor X

    Mazor X is used in neurosurgery for posterior spine fusions using navigation for pinpoint accuracy when placing pedicle screws and can be used intraoperatively or before CT scans to plan and measure the screws and all hardware using the Mazor software. The robotic arm then positions itself over each pedicle, allowing surgeons to prep and place the hardware. Use of the Mazor X guarantees 99.9 percent accuracy. The Mazor X is the first of its kind, and the very first traumatic spine fusion in the country was performed at Eskenazi Health.
  • ROSA

    The ROSA Knee System is used to create custom-made total knee replacements specific to each individual patient's anatomy. Pre-operative planning through X-rays and CT scans allows the surgeon to visualize the anatomy and size of the patient's knee and plan for all needed cuts prior to the patient coming to the operating room. Intra-operatively, the surgeon is able to utilize the pre-operative plan as a map to perform a concise surgery.
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