Clinical Pastoral Education Program - Careers - Eskenazi Health

The Eskenazi Health Clinical Pastoral Education Program offers: 

  • An interfaith program accredited by the Institute for Clinical Pastoral Training
  • A blended curriculum of online lessons and in-person lessons (100 hours) 
  • Supervised clinical practicum (300 hours) with patients, families and staff
  • Low supervisor-to-student ratio
  • Enriched with the inclusion of standardized, evidence-based curriculum developed by the Spiritual Care Association
  • Self-care skills incorporated throughout the experience (courtesy of Center for Mind-Body Medicine)
  • Unique educational experience for spiritual caregivers to care for under-served populations while learning demands of chaplaincy practice in a secular organization

2018 UNITS:

Winter-Spring unit: In progress. Concludes May 26.

Summer unit: Registration dates are March 1 – April 15
Unit dates are June 10 – Oct. 5


Application fee (one-time, non-refundable): $75*
Tuition (per unit): $900
*Students with a gap of six months between units are required to reapply and pay a new application fee.


Application for the Eskenazi Health Clinical Pastoral Education program at Eskenazi Health is a three-step process.

1. Contact Eskenazi Health to set up an initial interview to determine eligibility for the program. You may contact Father Robert Lyons, manager, at or 317.880.7123.

2.  After completing the initial interview with Eskenazi health, submit a completed application, together with appropriate fees, to the Institute for Clinical Pastoral Training (ICPT). Application information and forms are found at

3.  Upon acceptance by ICPT, arrange to complete the Eskenazi Health onboarding process, which will include appropriate screenings necessary for work in a clinical environment.


Individuals participating in Clinical Pastoral Education through Eskenazi Health are:

  • Classified as unpaid student interns for the duration of their training. No financial compensation is offered or implied for the completion of clinical or classroom hours.
  • Responsible for any associated, non-tuition costs incurred through participation in the program including (i.e., parking fees, books, etc.)
  • Responsible to comply with Eskenazi Health requirements for participation in on-campus activities, including receiving (or providing proof of having received) an annual influenza vaccination.

The completion of Clinical Pastoral Education units through this program does not guarantee employment with Eskenazi Health, or with any other institution.