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With a focus on the continued education of the public, the Eskenazi Health Speakers Bureau is a dynamic community outreach program that provides presentations on a variety of health care topics. Featured speakers include hospital executives, physicians and staff who are eager to speak to community and civic organizations, local schools and other groups.

Professional and engaging speakers provide local organizations with information on subjects ranging from smoking cessation to careers in health care to the essential role Eskenazi Health plays in providing health care for the residents of Central Indiana. Featured speakers are often leaders from both clinical and non-clinical areas.

Upon request, the Eskenazi Health Speakers Bureau will work with community groups to develop a presentation tailored specifically to their audiences. There is no fee for this service, which provides a more individualized presentation with plenty of interaction with the featured speaker. The Speakers Bureau asks that groups make arrangements for a speaker at least four weeks before their deadline.

To get started, please complete the inquiry form or contact the Eskenazi Health Speakers Bureau at 317.880.4794.

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