facebook Two Gardens Built to Teach Nutritional Education

Eskenazi Health Healthy Me recently constructed raised garden beds at Eskenazi Health West 38th Street and Eskenazi Health Center Cottage Corner so coaches can begin garden clubs with their patients. These clubs join the garden clubs at Eskenazi Health Center Blackburn, Eskenazi Health Center North Arlington, Eskenazi Health Center Pecar, Eskenazi Health Center Grassy Creek and Eskenazi Health Center Westside.

The gardens serve a variety of purposes centered on education and meal planning with the produce from the garden. Patients also get to harvest the food and take some samples home to cook with and introduce to their families. This year, the garden beds will focus on salsa and salad ingredients.

The garden clubs meet from April through October on the second and fourth week of the month. Patients are able to sign up for duties to assist the coaches to take care of the garden throughout the season such as watering, clearing out weeds and harvesting. On the third week of each month, coaches offer cooking demonstrations with patients and focus on what produce has been grown in the garden beds.

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