Taking the Lead: An Inside Look at Eskenazi Health’s Leadership, Brian Barrick

This blog post is part of a series titled Taking the Lead: An Inside Look at Eskenazi Health's Leadership. Different leaders throughout Eskenazi Health will be featured, giving an inside look at their work roles, backgrounds, passions and even hobbies. We hope you enjoy learning about some of the exceptional leaders Eskenazi Health is proud to employ.

Following a 13-year stint at Indiana University Health where he last served as an administrative director of Perioperative Services, Brian Barrick joined Eskenazi Health in November of 2016 as director, System Evolution. In his role at Eskenazi Health, Barrick is responsible for the organization’s System Evolution team and the Hospital Operator team.

Barrick enjoys having the opportunity to work hands-on with everyone in the system and is continuously inspired by how many people who work here care deeply about our Eskenazi Health patients.

Since completing his bachelor’s degree in organizational management and his master’s degree in health care administration at Ashford University in Minneapolis, Barrick in his spare time has begun work on a doctorate degree in industrial and organizational psychology. Barrick also studied under Lean Sensei, who coached him on facilitation and use of lean methods and tools that are among the most powerful and effective ways to build and sustain continuous improvement in organizations.

Barrick started a career as an IT professional in the education industry and a friend who worked in human resources with IU Health suggested he apply for a job in their IT department. Once hired, Barrick assisted in transitioning their medical records to an electronic medical records system.

While at IU Health, Barrick held positions in system information services, patient support services, continuous improvement and administration at  IU Health Methodist Hospital and Riley Hospital for Children. Barrick credits leadership at IU Health for believing in him and providing the opportunity to tackle new challenges on a regular basis. He’s thrilled to be afforded those same opportunities and more at Eskenazi Health.

Barrick was excited to join Eskenazi Health to get involved in building the organization’s continuous improvement team for the health system. The professional opportunity accompanied with the Eskenazi Health system’s mission was enough to inspire him to jump on board.

He values hard work, integrity and a commitment to excellence, and he sees reminders every day that Eskenazi Health’s mission embodies those values that are important to him.

Barrick believes his greatest contribution during his tenure at Eskenazi Health is developing a fully functioning team of improvement leaders that can work directly with front-line team members to dig into issues and provide resolutions. Barrick believes the sustainability of the department and the program provide the biggest long term value to the organization.

Barrick is a member of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. He is in the process of joining the International Forum of Visual Practitioners.

In his spare time, Barrick likes to stay active and spend time outdoors. He relaxes by playing music at home and with others.  Barrick enjoys spending as much time as possible with his wife of 13 years, Gina. They have two children: son Gibson, 10, loves animals and video games, and daughter Charlie, 6, loves to sing and dance. The family owns three dogs including a recently adopted Beagle, Rex, who walks the neighborhood with Barrick every day. 

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