Patients Needed for Eskenazi Health Patient and Family Advisory Council

Eskenazi Health is looking for several patients and their families interested in joining the Eskenazi Health Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC), a group that will partner patients and their families with Eskenazi Health staff members. Patients can come from all areas of the health system, including inpatient, primary care, mental health and specialty care. This group builds off of the successful Patient Advisory Councils that have been offered at several Eskenazi Health Center locations for many years. The purpose of the partnership is to provide guidance on how to improve the experiences of patients and their families as well as the quality and safety of care provided at Eskenazi Health.

Benefits of participating on the Patient and Family Advisory Council include:

  • Gaining a better understanding of the health care system
  • Having an opportunity to voice thoughts and opinions about health care
  • Understanding how to become an active participant in your own health care

If you know of a patient who would be a good member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council, please call 317.880.4784 or email

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