Nominate a Deserving Father by Friday, April 27

Indianapolis, April 20, 2018 – Do you know of an outstanding father in Marion County who is responsible for developing strong relationships within his family and his community? Nominate him today for the Heart of a Father Award, presented by Managed Health Services (MHS).

Each year, Fathers and Families Center recognizes those fathers who exemplify the four dimensions of responsible fatherhood – family involvement, consistency, awareness and nurturing – by presenting deserving men the Heart of a Father Award. Award recipients receive the award at the annual Faces of Fatherhood Luncheon on Friday, June 15. Nominations are due by Friday, April 27. For more information regarding the Heart of a Father Award or the Faces of Fatherhood Luncheon, please call 317.921.5943.

Nomination award forms are available on the Fathers and Families Center website at

Nominees must be a biological father, legal stepfather or adoptive father who lives or works in Marion County and acts as a positive role model for his child or children. There is a limit of one nomination per individual. The nominated individual must agree to be nominated and must be available to attend the Faces of Fatherhood Luncheon on Friday, June 15, 2018, at the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis.

Award recipients will receive the Heart of a Father Award, recognition as an outstanding father. The nominated fathers will be judged by an independent awards panel at Fathers and Families Center.

About Fathers and Families Center

Fathers and Families Center is a 501(c)(3) agency that works to enhance the capacity of young fathers to become responsible and involved parents, wage earners, and providers of child support. Major activities are centered on educational and employment advancement, parenting and basic life skills training, and support services assistance.


CONTACT: Tom Surber
Phone: 317.880.4793
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