Legacy House Helps Those Affected by Violent Crimes

Eskenazi Health is recognizing National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (NCVRW) by showing its commitment to serving all victims of crime and those who serve crime victims and survivors. NCVRW will be observed April 18–24. This year’s theme is, emphasizing the importance of leveraging community support to help victims of crime. Out of respect to the sensitive nature of these stories, Eskenazi Health has allowed participants to remain anonymous as their request.

Seeking help as a victim of violent-related crimes is an important aspect of the healing process. While much of the focus is on directly affected survivors, it is important for those indirectly affected by a violent crime, such as family members, to also seek help. In the case of Christine, and the unimaginable event involving her daughter, seeking help in addition to managing her daughter’s care, saved her life and has allowed her be a present parent and actively available for her children.

After her family of six relocated to the Southside of Indianapolis from Beech Grove to care for her mother, Christine’s daughter began remembering past traumas caused by an individual close to the family. Unfortunately, it was too late for physical evidence to be brought forth but during the process of reporting the past sexual assault, Christine’s daughter was referred to the Legacy House Program, locate at Eskenazi Health Center North Arlington. It was during this time Christine was also encouraged by her daughter’s care team to seek counseling as well.

“Legacy House has been amazing. My therapist has helped me trust, think clearly and positively. Because of her I am still here for my children,” Christine said.

Christine is a firm believer the Legacy House plays a large role in preventing victims and victims’ families from seeking out justice or retribution against their abuser(s).

“We’re incredibly lucky to have Legacy House as a part of our city. I cannot say enough good things about them. They have played an important role in my daughter’s healing and mine. I encourage any victim to seek help, even if it’s only for a couple sessions.”

According to Christine, life does not need to be harder than it is and finding the right help you need is worth it, even if it takes a few times to find the right therapist or group. “Legacy House and my therapist helps me fight for a better life and keep crossing the rocky stream. If it wasn’t for my care team, I may find myself stopping mid-stream and giving up.”

In addition to encouraging victims to seek out help, Christine also warns that abuse can happen to anyone and it’s important to believe anyone who tells you they’ve been abused.

“I never thought this could happen to my family, but it did. We need to believe anyone who tells us they’ve been abused or a victim of a violent crime.”

Eskenazi Health offers multiple programs aimed at increasing awareness and decreasing the risk of violence-related injuries and conditions. Education is a key component in the prevention of violence. These programs include Eskenazi Health Center of Hope, Legacy House, Prescription for Hope and the Eskenazi Health Gender Health Program and are dedicated to caring and helping victims of crimes, including sexual assault and family violence.

Eskenazi Health reminds everyone that if you suspect that you or someone might be in danger, please seek help. For any immediate danger, please call 911. More information on NCVRW can be found at https://ovc.ojp.gov/program/national-crime-victims-rights-week/overview.

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