The Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital was named one of the top 12 hospitals in the country with the healthiest food options to prevent and possibly reverse chronic disease by The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).

PCRM, a non-profit organization of 12,000 providers, obtained patient menus from 24 U.S. hospitals, analyzed the menus and then ranked the hospitals based on whether patient menus offer healthy options, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, cholesterol-free entrées and soy milk.

The hospitals in PCRM's report represent both public and private hospitals ranging in size from dozens of beds to more than 1,000 beds. The final selection of hospitals was drawn from a list of 262 hospitals surveyed, including the 50 largest public hospitals and at least one hospital in every state.

Hospitals earned points for Meatless Mondays, gardens and farmers markets, but lost points if they had contracts with fast food restaurants. PCRM obtained most patient menus and fast-food contracts through state public records laws.

“Hospitals that are fast food free and instead have rooftop gardens earn the highest scores,” said Karen Smith, R.D., senior dietitian for the physicians committee. “Hospital gardens provide fresh vegetables for hot soup and other plant-based patient meals that can prevent or reverse diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.”

The following is the official list of the top 12 hospitals and their patient food score:

  • Aspen Valley Hospital (Aspen, CO) - 90 percent
  • Stony Brook University Hospital (Stony Brook, NY) - 90 percent
  • C.S. Mott Children's Hospital at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI) - 86 percent
  • Westchester Medical Center (Valhalla, NY) - 86 percent
  • Wexner Medical Center (Columbus, OH) - 83 percent
  • St. Luke's Boise Medical Center (Boise, ID) - 82 percent
  • Evergreen Health Monroe (Monroe, WA) - 78 percent
  • Memorial University Medical Center (Savannah, GA) - 78 percent
  • Sibley Memorial Hospital (Washington, D.C.) - 78 percent
  • Eskenazi Health (Indianapolis, IN) - 76 percent
  • Lexington Regional Health Center (Lexington, NE) - 76 percent
  • Central Vermont Medical Center (Berlin, VT) - 76 percent

Eskenazi Health earned extra points for its 5,000-square-foot Sky Farm, which is open to patients, staff and the community 24/7, and the Eskenazi Health Farmers’ Market, which is held every Tuesday May through September. The Sky Farm at Eskenazi Health provides produce, such as kale, beets and broccoli, for the Ingram Micro Mobility Marketplace and Café Soleil at Eskenazi Health. Eskenazi Health’s patient menu features healthy entrées, including whole wheat pasta, veggie burgers, multiple salad bar options, salmon, kale coleslaw and more.

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