Eskenazi Health Recommends Flu and COVID-19 Vaccines for Upcoming Illness Season

Eskenazi Health is encouraging everyone to receive both the flu and the new COVID-19 vaccines. With kids back in school and the weather becoming cooler, it is especially important to take care of yourself and your family as influenza season begins. 

Eskenazi Health will provide both flu and COVID-19 vaccines for everyone with no appointment required at any Eskenazi Health pharmacy location. Patients must be 12 years or older to get a flu or COVID-19 vaccine at any Eskenazi Health pharmacy location. Eskenazi Health Center locations also offers the flu and COVID-19 vaccine by appointment for anyone 6 months and older.   

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a reformulated COVID-19 vaccine providing an increased immune protection to help combat the uptick in COVID cases this past summer.  

“Now it is possible to receive both your flu and COVID vaccines together, preferably in different arms. We do recommend people do this by the end of October,” said Amy Beth Kressel, M.D., medical director of infection prevention and antimicrobial stewardship at Eskenazi Health. “With a continued increase in COVID cases spreading across the country, we recommend getting vaccinated as soon as possible to not only stop the spread, but help protect you, your family and communities across Indianapolis. Right now there is more COVID than influenza, so if you prefer to wait two weeks between shots, then you should get the COVID first.”  

Dr. Kressel warned of the health dangers of the flu. Influenza is a serious disease that can potentially lead to hospitalization and sometimes even death. Flu season is different every year affecting an estimated 27 million people, all in different ways. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approximately 300,000 people are hospitalized and at least 19,000 die due to influenza consequences.  

“Every year people wonder about getting the flu vaccine, and many ultimately decide against it. I take care of patients during flu season and see many patients hospitalized because of the flu or its consequences,” stated Dr. Kressel. 

Indiana Department of Health urges Hoosiers to take precautions against the latest uptick in COVID cases by limiting exposure, considering wearing masks, especially for the immunocompromised, washing hands frequently, staying at home if you’re sick, and receiving the flu and COVID vaccine. 

Flu and COVID-19 vaccines are available at all Eskenazi Health locations and pharmacy locations. For more information on these vaccines, please call 317.880.7666 or visit

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