Eskenazi Health Partners with NeighborLink Indianapolis to Improve Health of Community Residents

In partnering with NeighborLink Indianapolis and United Northeast Community Development Corporation, Eskenazi Health employees recently volunteered to help senior residents, homeowners with disabilities and those living at or below the federal poverty level tackle exterior home projects in the Audubon Gardens neighborhood. The much needed services were provided to qualifying homeowners at no cost to them.

NeighborLink Indianapolis aims to help low-income seniors and individuals with disabilities, who own their own homes, age in place safely and with dignity.

“We wanted to partner with an organization and participate in a project that focuses on improving social determinants of health in the northeast corridor of Indianapolis. This project addresses and assists seniors who need home and yard repairs. Many seniors want to age in place while allowing them a level of autonomy and dignity over their own health and decisions,” said Dr. Kimberly McElroy-Jones, director, Community Partnerships for Community Health at Eskenazi Health.

For over 160 years, Eskenazi Health has been committed to helping our patients and the community we serve by assisting individuals overcome barriers created by social determinants of health through various Eskenazi Health programs and community partnerships.

Safe housing, specifically for seniors and those living with disabilities, plays a large role in an individual’s quality of life and is a key determinant of a healthy lifestyle for many. The ability to live in a safe and accommodating home benefits these individuals by allowing them to age in place safely. Eskenazi Health volunteers were able to secure homes and provide improved appearances for neighborhood residents and the neighborhood as a whole, helping improve the overall health of the community.

To learn more about the services offered through NeighborLink Indianapolis, please visit For more information about Eskenazi Health patient and community programs, please visit

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