Eskenazi Health and United Northeast Community Development Corporation Invite Community to Discuss Health Equity Zone Initiative

Eskenazi Health in partnership with United Northeast Community Development Corporation (UNEC), will host a public meeting for residents and community organizations of the Northeast Indianapolis neighborhood on Wednesday, Feb. 8 at 5:30 p.m. The meeting will take place at the Avondale Meadows YMCA in Conference Room A/B, 3908 Meadows Dr. During the meeting attendees are invited to provide insight into the community, discuss community needs and speak directly with leaders from Eskenazi Health, Eskenazi Health Center North Arlington, Eskenazi Health Center Forest Manor and UNEC to help create goals and implement a community plan for a Northeast Corridor Health Equity Zone.

Health equity zones are defined areas Eskenazi Health and community partners will work together to build healthy neighborhoods by addressing long-term social determinants of health, with the goal of increasing the life expectancy of area residents. Together with neighborhood residents and community partners, a collaborative community plan will be implemented to address immediate and systemic barriers through a holistic and all-encompassing approach to improve the following:

  • Food as medicine - Eating healthy and nutritious food
  • Mental health wellness - Fostering resilience and healthy mindset
  • Health lifestyles - Creating the conditions for healthy living
  • Transportation and connectivity - Connecting to health, education and employment
  • Housing - Supporting quality affordable and safe housing
  • Community connectedness - Building social capital and connection
  • Safety - Living free of violence, including intimate partner violence and child abuse
  • Economic opportunity - Creating pathways to economic self-sufficiency

In mid-2022 Eskenazi Health announced the launch of the health equity zone pilot program at three Eskenazi Health Center sites: Eskenazi Health Center West 38th Street — International Marketplace, Eskenazi Health Center East 38th Street (under construction) — Northeast Corridor and Eskenazi Health Center Grassy Creek — Far Eastside. Eskenazi Health Center locations were evaluated and chosen based on the strengths and needs of each area neighborhood they serve and how these factors could beneficially impact the health equity zone model. Through deliberate planning and community partnerships, the implementation of the health equity zone program will begin in February with the Northeast Corridor Health Equity Zone followed by the International Marketplace and Far Eastside health equity zones.

“Health equity zones will leverage the strengths of UNEC and Eskenazi Health through an integrated and sustainable model to create life expectancy equity for Indianapolis residents. We are excited to begin working directly with Indianapolis community members to improve their overall health and well-being,” said Ashley Gurvitz, CEO at United Northeast CDC (ANU/UNEC).

For more information about the public meeting, please contact

Eskenazi Health has continued to support communities for over 160 years by offering and transforming quality health care in an effort to improve our patients’ and surrounding neighborhood residents’ quality of life. To learn more about available Eskenazi Health resources and programs, please visit

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