Addressing Health Issues During a Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the residents of Marion County, and the greater Indianapolis area, have been tasked with reducing the number of trips outside of the home and minimizing contact with other people to help prevent the spread of the virus.  While it may be successful in reducing the risk of infections and spreading the disease, it has seen some people sacrifice their own health in the name of social distancing and out of fear of going to the hospital. Residents are reminded to use telehealth services when possible and not to avoid going to the emergency room if needed.  

There are several emergent and serious health conditions that require immediate care from a heath care professional as they could be indicators of a much larger issue. Conditions like shortness of breath, chest pain and numbness could be indicators of much serious health concerns and should be addressed immediately. Ignoring these could lead to a more serious condition or could even be fatal.

Additionally, injuries like broken bones, large cuts and severe burns should not be ignored or overlooked while everyone practices social distancing. Broken bones should be set as soon as possible to prevent long term health problems and ensure correct placement when the bone heals. Large cuts and severe burns need to be treated immediately in order to prevent infection and further harm to the body.  

Women who are pregnant should also not forsake seeing or meeting with a health care provider to treat any issues that may arise during the pregnancy. Doing so could put the pregnancy and the mother at risk which could turn fatal for one or both.

Maintaining good mental health is something that also should not be overlooked while social-distancing. Being able to continue a mental health treatment plan to overcome an addiction, disorder or other mental health issue is important to the treatment’s success. Utilizing telehealth and e-visits are ways to maintain a treatment plan while following social-distancing protocols.  However, don’t be afraid to call and visit an emergency room or your mental health provider if the situation begins to get out of control.

Should the need arise to visit an emergency room, hospital or health care facility, there are still steps that can, and should, be taken to protect you from the COVID-19 virus. Wearing a mask has proven to significantly reduce the risk of infection. Additionally, hand-washing after making contact with someone is an easy way to reduce exposure and prevent the spread.  As an organization, Eskenazi Health has taken numerous steps to provide a clean and sterile experience for patients who have to come to one of our facilities. All patients, staff and visitors are required to wear face masks and staff has been instructed on new techniques to limit contact with patients and visitors as well as new cleaning/sterilization policies so each patient room is ready for the next patient. Also, systems have been implemented to help patients adhere to the Center for Disease Control (CDC)’s suggestions on social distancing.

As this unusual time continues, Eskenazi Health is here to help the residents of Marion County with their medical needs. If you think you need to speak to a health care professional, or meet with a health care provider, please call Eskenazi Health Connections at 317.880.7666.

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