Sandra Eskenazi Mental Health Center Residential Services

Sandra Eskenazi Mental Health Center Residential Services offers a variety of housing with supportive services based on the individual needs of the resident. All sites offer residents support, education, case management, skill training, individual therapy, group therapy, nursing services, and psychiatric services.

  • Group Homes

    Florence House is a 10-bed group home open 24 hours a day, seven days a week serving clients with serious mental illness who qualify for the State of Indiana’s Adult Mental Health Habilitation (AMHH) Medicaid waiver. Residents have his or her own private room and share common spaces, including a living room, dining room, kitchen and bathrooms. The treatment focus at Florence House is providing the necessary services for residents to maintain the personal gains achieved in community living and to prevent re-hospitalization.  The length of stay is individualized based upon the needs of each client.

  • Semi-Independent Living Program

    Tremont Terrace is a semi-independent HUD-subsidized cluster apartment building with 20 units. Qualified on-site staff provide skills training, behavioral health counseling, care coordination and medication training and support services 16 hours a day, seven days a week. The Tremont Terrace building has a private owner who holds the lease with the resident. Sandra Eskenazi Mental Health Center Residential Services maintains the waitlist for Tremont Terrace.

  • Other Housing

    Ritter Supportive Housing is a 45-bed, short-term/acute care transitional housing program that works with clients ages 18 and over with a diagnosis of mental illness and possibly addiction who require skills training and care coordination to reach the next step of recovery, which is independent community living. Length of stay varies, ranging from five days up to 18 months depending on an individual's treatment needs.

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