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Music therapy is the clinical use of music to address non-musical goals. A board-certified music therapist works with patients to establish an individualized treatment plan. It addresses the whole person, affecting physical, emotional, spiritual, cognitive and social well-being. Music therapy may look like:

  • Writing a song to process and express feelings about a new diagnosis
  • Playing instruments to increase mobility in upper extremities
  • Singing songs to reminisce and improve mood
  • Using music and meditation to manage pain and anxiety
  • Creating a legacy project to connect and say goodbye to family members when nearing end-of-life
  • Listening to live music to stabilize breathing

Evidence-based music interventions help support patient needs. It may:

  • Decrease pain perception.
  • Decrease stress and anxiety.
  • Enhance quality of life.
  • Increase coping skills.
  • Increase healthy communication.
  • Provide an emotional and expressive outlet.
  • Provide comfort and spiritual support.
  • Provide opportunities to reflect and review life.
  • Provide opportunities for bonding and attachment.

For more information about music therapy, please visit the American Music Therapy Association website or click the Contact Us button below.

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