It’s that time of the year again – The Indiana State Fair is gearing up for its annual grand opening on Friday, Aug. 5. This year’s fair will feature a wide variety of exhibits, concerts, rides, games, and of course, the delicious food we all love. Fried Oreos, corn dogs, funnel cakes – the options are endless! But how do we avoid overindulging while roaming the fairgrounds? Eskenazi Health registered dietitian Kelsey Doll offers the following tips to cutting back on calories at the fair:

  • Be sure to eat a healthy snack at home before heading out to the fairgrounds. If you go to the fair on an empty stomach, the delicious smells might be too much of a temptation.
  • If you do find yourself in need of a quick snack while at the fair, be on the lookout for healthy alternatives. Foods containing a higher amount of protein such as chicken or steak kebobs will help to keep you fuller, longer. Roasted corn on the cob would make for a great side item.
  • Sharing snacks at the fair will help to cut back on the amount of calories you consume. If you and your family or friends all want a turkey leg or an elephant ear, split one! Think about it – one-fourth of a calorie-dense treat is much better than consuming an entire one on your own.
  • Stay hydrated. Bring an empty water bottle to fill up at water fountains. Drinking plenty of water not only satisfies your thirst but also makes you feel “full,” helping to prevent you from making poor food choices. This is also a great way to cut back on your spending!
  • Keep moving! Visiting the fair provides a great opportunity to walk and be active, which can help to offset some of those extra calories. Take advantage of all of the exhibits, booths and rides the fair has to offer!

The Indiana State Fair will take place Aug. 5 – 21, 2016 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds and Event Center, located at 1202 E. 38th St., Indianapolis, Ind. 46205. In addition, the 2016 Indiana State Fair is celebrating 200 years of Indiana’s statehood! Visitors can enjoy 200 exhibits and special features free of charge that highlight our state’s history, art and tradition.

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