One of Eskenazi Health’s Biggest Fans

James Chekoff, an Indianapolis resident who lives in close proximity to downtown Indianapolis, recently endured serious heath difficulties, and he’s deeply appreciative of the quality care he received at Eskenazi Health.

In May of 2018, Chekoff was experiencing some pain and within an hour of arriving at Eskenazi Health he learned that he had kidney cancer. Eskenazi Health physicians removed the diseased kidney, and Chekoff was a patient at the Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital for 10 weeks. After the kidney was removed, Chekoff learned that doctors found sepsis and E. coli in the area.

“I can’t complain about any aspect of it,” he said. “I’ve enjoyed every one of the doctors and nurses, and it was just an incredible experience for me. I feel like they saved my life, and they’re continuing to do so. There’s still cancer treatment going on, and right now it’s the remaining kidney that is the primary thing because it’s in stage 4 failure. The cancer has been held at bay with whatever they’re doing and every time I go there they’re very open and honest with me and tell me what’s going on. They answer every question I’ve ever had, and I’m very pleased with the care I’ve gotten there.”

Chekoff received cancer treatment recently at Eskenazi Health and was told he would remain in the hospital overnight. During that time he experienced congestive heart failure while under an anesthetic. When he awoke, Chekoff was told that the incident was severe, and he remained at Eskenazi Health for eight days.

“I just can’t rave enough about how considerate and honest and open every doctor there has been,” he said.

Chekoff comes to Eskenazi Health once a month to receive infusion treatments for his cancer, and he continues to see numerous physicians, sometimes four in one week. He also receives visits at home from health care professionals following his recent heart failure incident, and he’s appreciative of all the personalized care he’s received.

“I would recommend Eskenazi Health to anyone and everyone,” he said. “I’ve never had the inclination to look anywhere else because of the care I’ve been getting.”

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