New Program Provides Pathway for Emerging Leaders

Being able to grow a career within a company is essential to keep employees happy, passionate and engaged in the organization’s success. Allowing someone to move up in their career while not having to leave the company creates a positive experience for the employee and employer. That is why Eskenazi Health developed the Emerging Leader Program. This education and mentorship program assists Eskenazi Health clinical and non-clinical employees develop leadership skills and potentially move into a leadership role within their department.

The program consists of tailored classes provided by the Eskenazi Health Institute of Professional Development and roundtable discussions led by championed leaders throughout the organization. Topics covered during the classes and discussions include key fundamental areas related to becoming a successful leader such as “Motivating and Retaining Employees”, “Communication Challenges”, “Giving and Receiving Feedback”, “Meeting Management” and much more. Each program participant, or Emerging Leader, is provided a mentor within their department and two mentees, allowing them the opportunity to strengthen and apply some of the core competencies they learn through the program.

The experience the program creates cannot easily be replicated in a classroom setting. Each emerging leader receives personalized, department specific training and is given the necessary tools to succeed and grow in their careers with Eskenazi Health. Such was the case with Eric Larimore who was a cook in the food and nutrition department prior to becoming an emerging leader. He noted how “the classes you participate in provide you with all the tools necessary. It really helped me become the leader I am today.”- Thanks to the education he received through the program, Larimore was promoted to a nutrition shift supervisor and is a recognized leader within his department.

The Emerging Leaders program also allows each candidate to exercise the passion that made them want to work for Eskenazi Health. Prior to becoming an emerging leader, Rachel Shrontz was a respiratory care practitioner who desired to become more involved in her work. After completion of the program, she was promoted to lead pulmonary physiology laboratory technician, a position she desired. According to Shrontz, “the Emerging Leader Program has provided me with exceptional resources and support as I have transitioned into my new position.”  She is grateful Eskenazi Health provided her this opportunity to engage her passions and prove her abilities as a leader. “Before this program, I knew Eskenazi Health was a special place, this experience has only reinforced that thought more.”

The program also allows the participants to engage in conversations they may have felt uncomfortable engaging in prior to the program but were necessary in order to take the next step in their career. As pointed out by program graduate and recently named perioperative services business manager Ethan Flook, “The Emerging Leaders Program gave us all the opportunity to collaborate with professionals from all different backgrounds and viewpoints. It gave us a safe space to ask questions and talk through situations that could arise while we navigate the corporate world.” Through this program, Flook was able to participate in conversations that allowed him to make the necessary changes to advance his career.

The Emerging Leaders Program is leading more individuals to become more adept leaders and more passionate about their careers at Eskenazi Health. If you are interested in learning more about the Emerging Leaders Program, or have a desire to start your own career at Eskenazi Health, please visit

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