Married Couple Finds Success in Healthy Lifestyle Journey through Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Program

Eskenazi Health believes treating and caring for patients should include both medical and proven holistic methods. In addition to innovative and skilled medical care, Eskenazi Health patients have access to holistic treatment options including programs such as Eskenazi Health Healthy Me that focus on educating patients on the important role proper nutrition and exercise have on their overall health and well-being. Patients participating in the Eskenazi Health Healthy Me program work to achieve personal health goals including, but not limited to, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, weight loss or having the ability to stop taking certain medications. The free wellness program focuses on lifestyle management and has proven beneficial for many patients including married couple, Vickie and Johnny Jewel.

As long time patients of Eskenazi Health, the couple joined the Eskenazi Health Healthy Me program to improve specific health conditions. Vickie was experiencing a lot of body aches and pains due to weight and was encouraged to join the Healthy Me program by her doctor. “I was also on narcotics which were causing more health problems and I wanted to stop taking them,” explained Vickie. Through participating in the Health Me program, Vickie has reached her goals of losing weight, moving more and stopping the use of narcotics.

In similar fashion to his wife, Johnny Jewel who is visually impaired, has seen significant health improvements but was skeptical at first. However, he has seen how eating nutritious foods and exercising consistently can positively affect his health. Before joining the Eskenazi Health Healthy Me, Johnny was eight to nine pounds overweight, had high blood pressure and was borderline diabetic. By participating in the Healthy Me program, he has lowered his blood pressure, lost weight, is no longer borderline diabetic and has stopped taking medication for his cholesterol.

Since joining the program, the Jewels have taken advantage of available classes and gained a better understanding of how nutrition and exercise can positively affect their overall health and well-being. “I’m learning to eat better, learning the importance of meal planning and to just keep moving. Being healthy doesn’t have to be stressful,” Vickie said. While Vickie has seen positive results including significant weight loss and lowered her A1C, she has also gained confidence when speaking about her health care options with her doctor. “The Healthy Me coach has been patient with me and helped me become more comfortable speaking with my doctor about my health care needs,” Vickie stated.

Eskenazi Health Healthy Me supports individuals of all ages who are looking to improve their overall health and well-being. The program believes everyone has the opportunity to live a happy and satisfying life – and this program is designed to meet every person where they are to assist them in becoming the best version of themselves. To learn more about the Healthy Me program or to request an appointment, please visit

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