facebook Kale Day at Eskenazi Health

Welcome to the Eskenazi Health Kale Day page!

National Kale Day is Wednesday, Oct. 4. 

Join us on The Commonground at Eskenazi Health on Oct. 4 from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. for a host of activities celebrating kale, a superfood packed with special phytonutrient molecules, making it a power plant that can fight obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Eskenazi Health is dedicated to promoting healthful diets for everyone and kale provides a number of amazing nutrients rarely found in any other food.

Come and try free samples of kale-inspired recipes and learn more about kale through food demonstrations.

To learn more about National Kale Day and efforts throughout the country, recipes and how you can participate, please visit NationalKaleDay.org.


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