Indiana’s Most Socially Responsible Hospital

Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital was recently named Indiana’s top-ranked hospital for social responsibility by the Lown Institute.

The social responsibility list is part of the Lown Institute’s ranking of 3,010 hospitals based on 54 metrics across three main categories: equity, value and outcomes. Metrics included inclusivity, pay equity, avoiding overuse, and clinical outcomes, as well as cost efficiency.

Only 75 hospitals made the Lown Index Honor Roll in this category. Earlier this year, the Lown Institute also recognized Eskenazi Health as Indiana’s highest ranked hospital system in community health investment.

The ranking highlighted how Eskenazi Health supports patients and the community by providing and advocating for quality health care and health care education while aiming to reduce obstacles individuals may face accessing routine medical care.

As the main source for health care for many individuals, Eskenazi Health is continuously developing new, innovative ways to help those the organization serves and providing state-of-the-art, quality health care.

To learn more about the Lown Institute and the methods used for measuring social responsibility in hospitals, please visit its website.

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