Healthy Me Testimonial: Jane Schaedel

“In my busy life, I thought I had no time to take care of myself. My daughter was having heart problems during her pregnancy and came to stay with my husband and me for four months with three grandchildren. It was a joy, but a concern also. Meanwhile, my 94-year-old mother lived with us and I worked full time.  

“However, because of Virginia A Caine, M.D., director of the Marion County Public Health Department, and the department allowing some time for exercising during the work day, I began to walk every day possible. And, I began to feel better. It motivated me to help myself. Soon, exercise wasn’t enough. 

“Hip dysplasia at birth had led to three hip replacements and a knee replacement, and it was taking a toll on my body. I realized I needed to lose weight and the Healthy Me group was offered. It taught me a lot just by doing blood work and monitoring weight, inches, flexibility and strength at different intervals. I didn’t know I was prediabetic, but was offered classes to help prevent the diabetes. It helped to just talk about nutrition, healthy eating habits and dealing with stress. It was even better to have the support and laughter of all the others who had joined and were battling the same problems. 

“I have presently lost 37 pounds and have brought my A1C down, and I continue to work on both issues. Though it is a never-ending process, I continue to use my Weight Watchers‰ app to watch what I eat, and attend the Healthy Me Diabetes Prevention Program groups during my lunch hours. This continues to help me help myself and make exercising and changing my eating habits successful. I am so grateful to Dr. Caine, the Healthy Me staff, and my husband and family for all their support, which has given me the strength to continue walking this path of success.” 

Jane Schaedel, Lifestyle Health and Wellness Member; Public Health Nurse, Eskenazi Health Center Pecar and Northwest District Health Office


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