Goldie Ingram, Singer, Proud Patient

As Eskenazi Health arrives at its 10-year anniversary, Goldie Ingram, a 58-year-old Indianapolis native, singer and proud patient, will join in the celebration. Ingram has been singing since the age of two and began her professional career over 20 years ago. She is a multi-faceted singer with a singing range including jazz, neo-soul, R’n’B, blues, rock and so much more. Ingram has opened for national acts such as Lalah Hathaway, Eric Benet and Shirley Murdough and has shared the stage with Rachelle Ferrell. 

When asked about her experience with Eskenazi Health, she explained several positive experiences. “Normally you get physicians who stand, holding their paper work with one hand on the doorknob, my doctors actually have a seat when they ask me how I’m feeling or if I have any questions,” Ingram enthusiastically said.

Being an epileptic of 33 years, Ingram holds a high standard of care from her providers. Due to a recent relocation, she decided to utilize the Sandra Eskenazi Outpatient Center, finding genuine care from her doctors, nurses, and other Eskenazi Health staff she’s come in contact with.

“My issues may continue, but the thorough care by my doctors helps me know what’s wrong, and that motivates me to try and change the issues I deal with, therefore soothing my pain.” 

Throughout her health journey at Eskenazi Health, Ingram continues to speak highly of Eskenazi Health and its staff, even partaking in the weekly concerts presented by the Marianne Tobias Music Program. As a thank you for all of their care and support, Ingram will be performing at Eskenazi Health's 10-year anniversary celebration later this month.

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