The American Pianists Association Jazz Concert Series at Eskenazi Health will feature its final concert of the series at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 26. The concert will showcase jazz pianist Kris Bowers, 25, of Los Angeles.

The series is comprised of five concerts featuring the finalists of the 2014 - 2015 American Pianists Association Jazz Fellowship Awards. The final performance will take place in the Eli Lilly and Company Foundation Concourse at Eskenazi Health, and all are welcome to attend.

At the American Pianists Association we are always eager to reach out to the community and bring the world-class artistic standards of our pianists to diverse venues and audiences,” said Joel Harrison, artistic director and president/CEO of the American Pianists Association. “I am deeply grateful to Eskenazi Health for such an opportunity, and most especially to a good friend of the American Pianists Association, Marianne Tobias, for making opportunities such as this one possible through the gift of a fine grand piano and endowment gift to Eskenazi Health. The Eskenazi Health facility is beautiful, and I am looking forward to hearing the space filled with equally beautiful music by our Jazz Finalists!

Through a gift toward an endowed fund and donation of a concert grand piano, the Marianne Tobias Music Program at Eskenazi Health is dedicated to bringing music to the Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital and Eskenazi Health campus. From public concerts in the gardens to impromptu performances in the Eli Lilly and Company Foundation Concourse, the Marianne Tobias Music Program engages audiences at Eskenazi Health with accessible, high-quality musical performances.

Eskenazi Health Foundation is proud to support the art and music programs at Eskenazi Health through philanthropy,” said Ernie Vargo II, CFRE, president and CEO of Eskenazi Health Foundation. “Through the community’s support, we’re able to partner not only with university music programs and community musical organizations to host a vast array of musical genres and skills for the listening pleasure of Eskenazi Health’s patients, visitors and staff, but also to partner with national organizations, such as the American Pianists Association, to bring peace and healing to our hospital campus.”

The intent of the program is to welcome artists of diverse genres to expose patients, families and staff to a wide range of musical experiences. To learn more about the Marianne Tobias Music Program, please contact the Eskenazi Health Foundation at 317.880.4900.

CONTACT: Todd Harper
Phone: 317.630.7808
Pager: 317.310.5972  

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