Eskenazi Health Offers Advice on Coping with COVID-19

Being quarantined can unsettle lives and cause excessive stress for many.

Indianapolis, April 15, 2020 – The widespread COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world tremendously over the past several weeks leaving many people frightened, isolated and confused as local and state officials have enacted travel restrictions.

Eskenazi Health encourages focusing on our mental health during this very unusual time. This can be very difficult because we’re all being asked to be isolated and not everybody has family they live with and some people live alone, so even though we’re practicing social distancing for safety, we all need to stay in contact with people whether it’s our family members, friends or people we work with.

“It’s also important that we communicate to the best of our abilities with family and friends we live with because we’ll be around them more than ever before, which could become stressful,” said Megan Hider, a wellness trainer with Sandra Eskenazi Mental Health Center. “Securing alone time for yourself is also important when we feel that’s what we need to do.”

As adults continue to navigate their way during this period, many of them are suddenly saddled with the responsibility of helping their children understand why they’re not going to school or able to play with their friends.

“This could be such a fun time period of growth for children and adults, and a beautiful time for people to come together and spend a lot of meaningful time with each other,” Hider said.

The pandemic has required every sector of society to adapt quickly to challenges that were unheard of merely weeks ago. It is helpful to be patient with yourself and others, acknowledging that we are all doing our best under the current circumstances. Hider suggests setting realistic goals and being intentional about looking for opportunities to be grateful and appreciative for things that are going well.

Sandra Eskenazi Mental Health Center was established in 1969 as the first mental health center in Indiana and offers an array of mental health services, including severe mental illness and substance abuse treatment, 24-hour emergency services, and specialized home-and community-based programs for children and adolescents with serious emotional disorders. For more information about the services offered at the Sandra Eskenazi Mental Health Center, please visit

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