Eskenazi Health introduces Lisa K. Humke Canine Therapy Garden for Patients

Over the past year you may have noticed a new addition to the downtown Eskenazi Health campus - the Lisa K. Humke Canine Therapy Garden was built specifically for our patients, therapy certified dogs and volunteer teams. At Eskenazi Health we recognize the animal and human bond gives our patients the motivation and the peace they need to support the healing process. The Eskenazi Health Pet Therapy team is excited to introduce this beautiful patient-focused area allowing our therapy dogs and volunteers the freedom to be outside while enhancing Eskenazi Health’s outstanding, holistic patient care.

The garden is named for Lisa K. Humke, who had a love for all things canine. While the garden represents the program goals, it also remembers our furry founder, Bonnie, Eskenazi Health’s first pet therapy dog.

When in the garden, patients can enjoy the outdoors in Bonnie’s Courtyard, visit and sit with family in Ruby’s Family Pet Visitation, work on their Frisbee game in the Fetch Lawn named in remembrance of Maude Glore’s beloved pets Boris, Susie, BooBoo, Barnaby, Zoe, Kallie, and walk up to a mile on the Circuit Path, a challenging accomplishment for many! In addition to patient focused areas, the garden’s agility area helps stimulate the therapy dogs while providing restorative opportunities for observers.

Through play in the garden, we are encouraging holistic healing and simultaneously increasing therapeutic animal and human interaction. The Eskenazi Health Pet Therapy team is pleased to share this area with patients and employees and help make ruff days better.

The Lisa K. Humke Canine Therapy Garden was supported by gracious gifts from the following major donors: Humke Foundation, Scott and Julie Moorehead Family, Maude Glore, the Hulman George Family, and Penny Handshaw. Eskenazi Health is grateful to all the donors for making this area available for our patients and staff. To learn more about Eskenazi Health Pet Therapy or the Lisa K. Humke Canine Therapy Garden, please contact Shelly Fisher, animal assistant therapy manager, at

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