facebook Eskenazi Health Foundation Announces Board Appointments

Jan. 18, 2019 – The Eskenazi Health Foundation recently announced its board appointments for 2019. John T. Thompson will serve as chairman of the board for the second consecutive year. In addition, the following new members were appointed to the board.

Darrianne P. Christian: Civic Leader

Mary Holland: President, St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild

Denny Oklak: Chairman & CEO, retired, Duke Realty Corporation

The Eskenazi Health Foundation also elected its slate of officers for 2019. The following individuals were selected.

Chair – John T. Thompson: Chairman and chief executive officer of Indianapolis-based organizations: Thompson Distribution Company, Inc.; First Electric Supply Company, LLC;  CMID, an architectural and engineering design firm and BC-SESCO, a fabricator and installer of millwork. 

Vice Chair – John Ackerman: Managing director, Cardinal Equity Partners

Secretary – Charlene Barnette: Civic Leader

Treasurer – Mark Gargula: Partner, retired, Ernst & Young

Eskenazi Health Foundation was established as a 501(c)(3) in 1985. The Foundation inspires, energizes and promotes a vital, healthy Indianapolis community by providing strategic guidance and philanthropic resources to Eskenazi Health  and Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County (HHC). Charged with helping Eskenazi Health and HHC reach their full potential, the Eskenazi Health Foundation funds key health care initiatives and programs through its philanthropic support; educates the community about the impact of philanthropy on the life-changing work of Eskenazi Health and HHC; provides meaningful opportunities for donor engagement; and grows the strategic impact of the Foundation Board. To learn more about the Eskenazi Health Foundation, please visit www.EskenaziHealthFoundation.org.



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