Eskenazi Health Announces Artists Selected for Eskenazi Health East 38th Street; Community Invited to Art Engagement Event on Feb. 13

Art engagement and conversation starting at 6 p.m. at Avondale Meadows YMCA

Eskenazi Health, along with partners 60 on Center and GANGGANG, is pleased to announce the 51 artists who have been selected as part of the call for artwork for placement at Eskenazi Health East 38th Street.

Community members are invited to take part in an art engagement and conversation event on Tuesday, Feb. 13 at 6 p.m. for an opportunity to engage with some of the artists producing new works for Eskenazi Health East 38th Street and the surrounding campus. The gathering is taking place at the Avondale Meadows YMCA located at 3908 Meadows Dr. and will be hosted by the United Northeast Community Development Corporation. 

Attendees will hear the latest updates on the health center, learn more about the art and artists, many of whom live on Indianapolis’ east side or have ties to the community. A selection of participating artists will share sneak peeks of their works in production and answer questions about their inspiration and process.

The full list of artists selected includes:

Aaron S. Coleman

 Derek Tuder

Michelle Andrea 

 Andrea Fear

 Emily Wingate

 Mirvia Sol Eckert

 Andrea Smith of Studio 57 Photography

 Gail Patrice Mallory

 Oscar Toloza

 Angelita Hampton

 Gina Lee Robbins

 Philip Campbell

 Anthony Armstrong

 Hannah Paz-Westbrook

 Priya Wittman

 Asli Narin

 H. Ward Miles

 Rachel Hellmann

 Beatrice Opokua Atencah

 Hector Del Campo

 Rebekah Nolan

 Beatriz Vasquez

 Israel Solomon

 Regan Zerwig

 Betsy Stirratt

 Jackie Head

 Shamira Wilson

 Betty Mitchell

 Johnson Simon

 Steven Sickles

 Britt Ritchie

 John Moore

 Su A Chae

 Boxx the Artist

 Julie Xiao

 Teresa Vazquez

 Brittany Fukushima

 Justin Cooper

 Ting Waddles

 Carla Knopp

 Karen Pope

 Valerie Eickmeier

 Cassandria Wong Parsons

 Ladan Abbaspour

 William Denton Ray

 Chanya Ruby (Pim)

 Madiha Siraj

 Yeabsera Tabb

 D. Del Reverda-Jennings

 Mary Mindiola



In August 2023, Eskenazi Health announced a call for artwork to Indiana artists for the new Eskenazi Health East 38th Street, Eskenazi Health’s newest health center set to open this spring. The call was open to all skillsets and levels of artist production and garnered submissions from 257 individual artists, including many from Indianapolis’ east side, representing a wide range of demographics. In addition to the works selected from the call, Eskenazi Health selected 11 additional artists to collaborate with on commissioned works and special purchases.

One of the hallmarks of the Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital and several other Eskenazi Health locations is the vast collection of artwork displayed. The Eskenazi Health Public Art Collection was created to enhance the healing environment, represent the diversity and brilliance of our community, and carry forward Eskenazi Health’s deep and long-standing connection with the people of Indianapolis. The collection is a valuable resource comprised of purchased, commissioned, gifted and loaned pieces of art and has been created through a curatorial approach, which strategically places community at the center and embraces the full spectrum that composes this fellowship.

Eskenazi Health values art as an instrument for healing and believes that artwork can reduce patient stress and improve health outcomes. The art chosen for Eskenazi Health East 38th Street encompasses themes that support Eskenazi Health’s mission to advocate, care, teach and serve, as well as represents the eastside community in which the health center resides. All pieces are set for installation at Eskenazi Health East 38th Street prior to the health center opening its doors on April 17.

The artworks will bring together unique perspectives and styles to reflect the nuances throughout the rich, and ever-evolving eastside community. The expansion of the Eskenazi Health Public Art Collection would not be possible without support through philanthropy and Eskenazi Health Foundation.

To learn more about the project partners, please visit and

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