Awarded: Indiana’s Top Hospital for Community Health Investment

Eskenazi Health was recently named Indiana’s top hospital for community health investment by the Lown Institute.

The Lown Institute evaluated 3,641 hospitals throughout the country. Hospitals were ranked based on charity care spending, spending on other community health initiatives and Medicaid revenue. Per the Lown Institute, revenue from Medicaid is a measure of the hospital’s commitment to taking care of low-income patients.

Eskenazi Health supports patients and the community by providing and advocating for quality health care and health care education while aiming to reduce obstacles individuals may face accessing routine medical care.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, these efforts were demonstrated through Eskenazi Health providing virtual, online appointments for patients to continue to seek medical care, virtual town hall sessions to educate the community about the COVID-19 vaccine, food distribution events, and creating a prescription delivery service enabling patients to receive medication without visiting an Eskenazi Health Pharmacy location. As the main source for health care for many individuals, Eskenazi Health is continuously developing new, innovative ways to help those the health system serves and providing state-of-the-art, quality health care.

To learn more about the Lown Institute and the methods used for measuring community health investment, please visit

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