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Hosting research at Eskenazi Health advances knowledge in health science and provides unique training and professional growth opportunities for clinicians, staff and students. Research can take on many forms, from simple surveys to detailed medical testing, and can cover a wide range of topics such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, transplantation, heart disease and more.

While a patient at Eskenazi Health, you may be asked to participate in a research study. The study staff or your health care provider will give you information about the study, including the procedures, risks and benefits of participation, and who to contact for additional information. This process is called informed consent. Information about informed consent and your rights as a research participant are available at https://research.iu.edu/compliance/human-subjects/participants.html.

If you are interested in participating in research opportunities, please speak with your health care provider about studies for which you may be eligible.

If you are participating in a research study and have questions, please contact the study staff or the Eskenazi Health Research Office at 317.880.3206.

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Eskenazi Health hosts more than 500 research studies spanning across numerous health science disciplines. A partnership with Indiana University provides for unique training opportunities for students and a diverse public health environment for research.

To conduct research at Eskenazi Health, including recruiting participants, accessing health information and performing study procedures, you must obtain an Eskenazi Health Notice of Research Approval AND Indiana University Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. For information regarding the approval process, including deferral to other IRBs, please visit

To begin the application process:

1.  Please complete the Eskenazi Health Research Application at http://bit.ly/ehresearch. Please note: If your study involves the performance of procedures at Eskenazi Health, you will need to complete both a Research Billing Account Request Form and a Billing Grid – both of which are available within the Eskenazi Health Research Application.
2. If your study involves the use of Eskenazi Health staff time, you will need to receive approval from the Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County Grants Office. Please email research1@eskenazihealth.edu for assistance with this task. 
3. Research personnel are required to obtain researcher credentials prior to accessing Eskenazi Health facilities or records. Annual re-credentialing (submission of annual TST and influenza vaccination documentation) is required. Forms for credentialing are available within the Eskenazi Health Research Application. 

Please direct any questions to the Eskenazi Health Research Office at research1@eskenazihealth.edu.

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