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While the Smith Level I Shock Trauma Center at Eskenazi Health is designed to provide care for trauma-related injuries and ailments, one of the biggest steps toward creating a healthier community is continuing education of the public regarding preventable and avoidable injuries. At Eskenazi Health, a dedicated injury prevention coordinator works with trauma surgeons and staff to provide information in schools and at community events.

  • Distracted, Excessive Speeding, Aggressive and DUI Driving (D.E.A.D.)

    The D.E.A.D. Driving Project is directed toward people who have been ordered to appear before a court for a DUI or moving violation. Participants hear a 30-minute presentation with videos and statistics related to motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers and those driving at excessive speed or aggression or under the influence.

  • Emergency Nurses Cancel Alcohol Related Emergencies (ENCARE)

    Eskenazi Health’s injury prevention coordinator visits junior high and high schools in the Indianapolis area to present seminars on alcohol-related accidents and improper use of seat belts. According to recent surveys, alcohol and other drug use continues to be a major problem among teenagers. Through a multipronged approach, including education and enforcement, ENCARE works to further prevent this devastating problem.

  • Alcohol Intervention

    The faculty of the Smith Level I Shock Trauma Center have partnered with physicians at Eskenazi Health Midtown Community Mental Health to develop a protocol for evaluating the effectiveness of brief interventions in changing drinking patterns in high-risk drinkers following admission for trauma-related injuries.

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