Trauma Community Outreach - Programs - Eskenazi Health

One of the biggest steps toward creating a healthier community is educating the public on how to prevent and avoid injuries. At Eskenazi Health, a dedicated injury prevention coordinator works with trauma surgeons and staff to provide information in schools and at community events. Some of the programs provided are listed below. Local organizations are also welcome to contact the department to schedule presentations for specific needs.

  • Distracted, Excessive Speeding, Aggressive and DUI Driving (D.E.A.D.)

    The D.E.A.D. Driving Project is directed toward people who have been ordered to appear before a court for a DUI or moving violation. Participants hear a 30-minute presentation with videos and statistics related to motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers and those driving at excessive speed with aggression or under the influence.

  • Stop the Bleed

    Representatives from the Smith Level I Shock Trauma Center teach Stop the Bleed classes, which are part of a national awareness campaign to educate citizens on what to do in the event of bleeding injury. Participants learn how to stop blood loss by packing wounds and applying tourniquets to quickly help those with life-threatening injuries.

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