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Parents are the most important people in a baby’s life and are the first and most important teachers a child will ever have. Parenting is a very demanding job, and all parents have worries, questions and lots of stress. However, Eskenazi Health Healthy Families believes all families have strengths that they can tap to address issues as they arise rather than trying to fix them later.

All parents need support and encouragement as they care for their children. Qualified family support specialists with Eskenazi Health Healthy Families have experience with children and understand the uncertainty and stress every parent faces. They are trained to answer questions, provide information and offer a range of support services to families throughout Marion County.

In weekly home visits, a family support specialist can offer:

  • Encouragement to promote positive parent/child interactions
  • Ideas for effective child discipline
  • Child development information and tips
  • Information about employment opportunities
  • Information about budgeting and finances
  • Community services referrals
  • Client incentives

For more information, please contact Eskenazi Health Healthy Families at 317.880.2958.