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Eskenazi Health Midtown Residential Services offers a variety of housing with supportive services based on the individual needs of the resident. All sites offer residents support, education, case management, skill training, individual therapy, group therapy, nursing services, and psychiatric services.

  • Group Homes

    Virginia House, Florence House, and Summers are co-ed, 10-bed group homes serving individuals with a primary diagnosis of a serious mental illness. Residents share a common living room, dining room, and kitchen. There is no limit on length of stay and staff members are on site.

  • Cluster Apartments

    North Penn offers four individual apartments housing two residents each and on-site staff. Tremont Terrace offers 20 apartments. There is no limit on length of stay.

  • Other Housing

    Housing Opportunities for People in Emergencies (HOPE) is a 10-bed, co-ed short term/acute care housing option for seven to 14 days. The HOPE program serves Eskenazi Health Midtown clients who need either transitional services between housing locations or a short-term period with more structure and support than their everyday environment offers.

    First Home is a 25-bed, co-ed safe haven that serves individuals experiencing chronic homelessness who also have a primary diagnosis of a serious mental illness. The maximum length of stay is two years.

    Penn Place is a 38-unit apartment building for Indianapolis adults who are experiencing chronic homelessness, considered highly vulnerable and frequent users of emergency services. These residents may or may not be Eskenazi Health Midtown clients. Midtown staff members are on site each day to offer skills training and case management while Pedigo at Horizon House nurses provide on-site medical nursing assessments, triage, coordination, and linkage to health care services on a weekly basis.

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