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The Dr. Alan & Diane Breier Prevention and Recovery Center for Early Psychosis (PARC) serves Indiana as a center of clinical, research and educational excellence in the treatment of individuals in the early stages of schizophrenia and other psychotic illnesses. Founded in 2009, PARC is a full-service clinic for young people who are at the very earliest stages of a psychotic disorder. PARC also serves as a research center focusing on the development of novel interventions to improve the treatment and outcomes associated with psychotic illness.

Staffed by Indiana University (IU) School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry physicians, PARC focuses on developing and maintaining strong relationships with patients and their families to support recovery and prevent relapse and other problems such as substance abuse and unemployment.

Multiple treatment approaches are used to complement the use of medication, including individual and group psychotherapy, case management services, cognitive remediation, education, crisis intervention and employment/educational services. PARC staff members work closely with patients and their families to tailor approaches to suit the needs of each individual.

Because schizophrenia affects many people, PARC maintains links with other health care providers and key community-based professionals to ensure good communication and to help create a better understanding of mental illness for individuals outside the mental health field. PARC is proud to serve as a training site for IU School of Medicine students and residents as well as other medical professionals.


There is still much to learn about the biological underpinnings of schizophrenia and related disorders. By increasing the knowledge of the processes contributing to these conditions, the medical field will be able to develop more effective treatments. PARC is dedicated to furthering the scientific field’s understanding of the causes of psychosis, yielding improved treatments and interventions. PARC is a center of research excellence, conducting cutting edge clinical trials of novel therapeutics for psychosis. Additionally, PARC is invested it leveraging sophisticated neuroimaging technologies to investigate the roles of brain structure, function, and metabolism in illness occurrence. Since opening, PARC has enrolled hundreds of young clients with early psychosis for treatment, many of whom also participate in research studies.

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