Patient Navigation - Programs - Eskenazi Health

Eskenazi Health Patient Navigation guides patients through the health care system. Regardless of whether they are new or referred from their primary care provider, patients can expect a patient navigator to help them with the process.

Eskenazi Health encourages all people to have a primary care provider to ensure good health and well-being. For anyone without a primary care provider, patient navigators can identify one who is convenient to them and meets any other criteria.

Patient navigators are culturally sensitive and trained professionals. They are able to connect patients to financial or educational resources and can troubleshoot any barriers to care that a patient might have.

Patient Navigation is for patients:

  • Who are new to Eskenazi Health
  • Who have been discharged from the Michael & Susan Smith Emergency Department at Eskenazi Health
  • Who have been hospitalized and require primary care follow-up
  • Who have been seen through the urgent visit centers and require primary care follow-up
  • Who have been referred with unique challenges and barriers to care

What to expect from Patient Navigation

  • A welcome letter: This includes information about the patient’s upcoming primary care appointment, including the scheduled time as well as a list of items needed at the appointment.
  • Needs assessment: Before an appointment, a patient navigator will reach out to see if the patient might have any problems with the appointment and assist him or her with getting pre-registered. This is the time for patients to reschedule the appointment if it is no longer convenient.
  • On-site meeting: A patient navigator will meet the patient at the appointment and offer to give him or her a tour of the clinic area. The patient will also receive a new patient packet and learn about services available at Eskenazi Health and in the community.

Patient Navigation conducts scheduled tours of Eskenazi Health’s outpatient locations. To request a tour, please call 317.541.3439.