Volunteer Advocates Program

patient and doctorImagine being homeless or alone and in the hospital, incapacitated, with no friend or relative to help you make important decisions. The Wishard Volunteer Advocates Program provides volunteer, limited-guardian services for adults and seniors who are unbefriended and in the hospital at Wishard Health Services. The program steps in when at-risk adults and seniors are without suitable family involvement, and they are unable to advocate for their own health care.

The Volunteer Advocates Program uses volunteers as court-appointed guardians for patients who are at-risk. Volunteer Advocates Program members assist the Marion County Probate Court by investigating and assessing an at-risk person’s life situation. Volunteers can expect to decide end-of-life treatment, process Medicaid applications, move patients, plan appropriate living arrangements, shop for necessities, attend care conferences at nursing facilities and make funeral arrangements.

The Wishard Volunteer Advocates Program is closely aligned with the Wishard mission to Advocate, Care, Teach and Serve with special emphasis on the vulnerable populations of Marion County. The Volunteer Advocates Program is a member of the National Guardianship Association (NGA) and adheres to the NGA Standards of Practice and the NGA Code of Ethics for Guardians and Guardianship Agencies.

The Volunteer Advocates Program is a crucial part of many at-risk people’s lives. These volunteers make decisions for patients that no one else is willing to make. The program serves the most vulnerable population of the Indianapolis area – not just sick patients but the homeless and voiceless. Please consider becoming a part of the Volunteer Advocates Program by applying to become a volunteer or making a donation.